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SweetLAB strives to provide the finest quality sugar alternative products which are both healthy and rich in flavors to complement your everyday life. Our sweetening products are low to zero in calories and taste as good as sugar if not better. We continue to deliver more high value-added functional ingredients to our offering; allowing you to enjoy without compromising the sweetness you desire.

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by promoting healthy sweetening products that are


Diabetic friendly




Keto Friendly

Uses & Strength

SweetLAB products are the perfect choice to add healthy sweetness to your food and drinks. There are many reasons besides weight management that makes SweetLAB a vital and important part of your diet.

Our products can be used for many kinds of foods such as confectionery and bakery, ham & sausages, seafood, beverages and seasoning sauces as sugar replacements. Because healthy sugar should be a vital part of our daily intake, it can also be found and used for health care products.

Here are some of the reasons why SweetLAB is the choice of many as their preferred healthy sugar:

Low to zero calories


Multipurpose Usage


Heat and PH stable


Maintains the taste of sugar


Diabetic / health friendly




SweetLAB’s Sugar Solutions had been proven to provide a more distinct sweetness profile compared to table sugar, it also means you will need much less sugar than you used to. Especially in businesses that use alternative sugar products for sweeteners, this can translate to significant savings, and increased margins for the business.



Sugar, also known as sucrose or saccharose, is a disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose. It provides energy, but it is not an essential nutrient, which means you do not need to consume it to be healthy. If you are of a healthy weight and have no obvious risks for obesity, diabetes or other related health complications, then you may be asking yourself why you would need a sugar alternatives?

Most dietary supplements and food options (processed or otherwise) in fact do contain sugar which we consume unknowingly. So, while you may believe you are free of risk, in actual fact you could be consuming a lot of sugar. So now, we are providing you a healthy alternative to enjoy all of your sweet treats, without worrying about the calorie intake nor the impact in other areas.

SweetLAB sweetening products contains nearly zero calories while retaining the flavor that would help sweeten your morning coffee or other consumption free of guilt or consequences. SweetLAB products are a form of healthy sugar, because they are a source of sweetness – but without the extra kilos to your waistline, the diabetes risk or even tooth decay.

Healthy Sweetness


Our mission is to provide everyone an opportunity to enjoy the sweetness in life without compromise. We aim to deliver healthy sugar alternative products with only the highest quality ingredients through innovative technology and solutions.

Our Products
Diabetic friendly products

Vision / Goal

To bring variety & quality sweetness to every household without compromising on health or flavor.

Our Products